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The Great craft

Steps to manufacture oak fermentation vatsThree stages are necessary to manufacture large-sized vats :

Oak selection

The Allary cooperage uses only first quality clear staves from well managed ONF (National Office Forest involved in the sustainable management of the French public forests).

We have a long history of being respectful for Forestry management and throughout the years have developed a network of professionals with access to the best oak. We purchase our oak through these few quality suppliers.

Steps to manufacture oak fermentation vats


Mr Allary directly selects the sawn blocks of oak at the sawmill. Any block that is not in accordance with our requirements is eliminated. These precious blocks are seasoned up to several years and manufactured with a stable humidity rate of 15% -17%.


We assemble the French Oak planks and slowly toast over open flame for a period of more than 4 hours. The finishing touches by our master coopers are all made by hand including the stainless steel installation and careful exterior varnishing. Hoops are painted to our customer’s preference and wooden stands are included.

The involvement of Allary coopers continue at the customer's winery in order to make sure the installation of the vats is optimal.